Sunday, January 13, 2008

9 Weeks Today [Updated]

So 9 weeks today, and thank goodness - week 8 went by so slowly. Hopefully week 9 will fly right by.

I am having a nervous and anxious day. This long wait between appointments is really hard. And I know this is just the beginning - the stretches between appointments is just going to get longer as I get further on in my pregnancy. I'm actually considering going to the walk-in clinic to see if I can get some quick Doppler time today. I haven't decided yet.

As far as how I'm feeling, well nothing too dramatic. My breasts are still HUGE and I'm tired and hungry. But other than that, I'm not feeling all that different.

Okay, decision made: No walk-in clinic, no Doppler time today. I think I'm just going to eat some breakfast and clean my house and try to get my mind off my anxiety. Deep down, I have faith in my little Scrappy; s/he's not called "Scrappy" for nothin'.

[Update:] It's the next morning and I'm feeling much better. After having good dreams about being pregnant all night, I woke up with excruciatingly sore breasts. It's amazing how stuff like that can help me to unclench...well, if only for a few hours *wink*.