Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Detox Baby, Detox

On my acupuncturist's recommendation, I went out and bought a 12-day detox kit. Specifically, I bought the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox which is comprised of three different herbal formulations and one tincture, to be taken along with breakfast and dinner for 12 straight days. There is also a fairly strict diet to follow during the 12-day detox. While it is very doable, one must avoid dairy, all flours, all sugars, all tropical fruit, peanuts, mushrooms and a whole holy host of other delectable foodies that usually comprise the bulk of my meals and snacks.

I've used this detox kit in the past, and I've had good results with it, although admittedly, I've never lasted for the whole 12 days. But this time will be different. My acupuncturist (backed up by some articles I've read recently) felt fairly confident that doing a system detox prior to the IVF can only help things; and of course, I want to give myself every possible advantage. I still have four weeks before I will likely start the stims, and six weeks before the actual IVF. You had better believe I am going to be getting myself into the best possible healthy shape during this time, starting with this detox.

To be fair, I am usually fairly health conscious. I always try to eat organically, and I have very strictly limited caffeine, sugars and processed foods as long as I've been TTCing. I have exercised at least 3 days a week for as long as I can remember. Having said that though, I do believe I could do with a good detox. I live in the middle of downtown in a busy city and it's impossible not to come into contact with at least a few nasty free-radical causing chemicals, and yes, I do *very occasionally* indulge in some fantastically tasty junk food.

So the detox starts this weekend. I'm going to do a big ol' organic shop on Saturday and get all my "allowed" foods in stock so I can be as prepared as possible. This should be an interesting 12 days and you just know, my dear readers, that I'll be keeping you posted with all the gory details every step of the way.

Sparkling clean insides...here I come!