Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Our Bodies Are Gardens; Our Will Is The Gardener

Wow. I can't believe it's Wednesday already. This week is flying by. I've neglected my poor blog over the past couple of days due to simply being busy (and a little bit lazy).

But there have been some interesting milestones in the past few days, which I'm excited to report.

First of all, I very gently briefed my boss on the fact that I will be taking quite a bit of time off in the coming weeks. We had a nice discussion about it, and I filled him in on everything that's going on. Luckily, he has been through the whole infertility thing, so he totally understood. Actually, he and his wife went through several painful years of trying, and now they have two gorgeous adopted daughters, who they are just crazy about. It was an inspiring discussion and I was once again, blown away by my boss' generosity and understanding.

Secondly, my period finally started after the progesterone jump-start. Actually, it was quite funny. I took my last pill on Friday, expecting to start my period on Sunday. Sunday came and went and nothing started. I reassured myself that I would probably wake up Monday morning to find my period had started. But, on Monday morning I woke up to find, again, nothing. I was so angry and bitter about my period not starting, I chalked it up to yet another thing that my body isn't doing right. I growled and stomped all the way to work on Monday morning and when I arrived, I went to the washroom only to discover...surprise! Hello AF. I had to laugh out loud at all the drama I created.

So now we're officially on our non-TTC cycle before the upcoming IUI. Things are progressing right along!

Third, I had an interesting acupuncture appointment yesterday. I wasn't able to see my usual Dr. S, so I met with another doctor, Dr. T instead. He was very nice, and had a different style than Dr. S. I told him about the upcoming IUI and where we're at now, and he took a bunch of notes. He was very encouraging, adding that the fertility doc we're seeing (another Dr. T) is apparently one of the best out there in the field of IUI. I told him I'd like to work on strengthening my uterus and lining, and get as fertile as possible before the IUI. After the acupuncture, he gave me some Chinese herbs to help with all that as well as strenghten my chi. I am actually trying to choke them down as I type this - man do they taste awful!

Lastly, I got a call from the fertility clinic yesterday inviting me to schedule my first appointment. (You're not allowed to book anything before they review your file and call you.) I was thrilled because I didn't expect to hear from them for at least another two weeks. I didn't get the message until last night, so I wasn't able to call them back until this morning. The nurse I spoke with was very, very nice and helpful. When I asked her if it would be likely that we can do the IUI in the next cycle, she said there was a "very strong possibility". Such good news. So now, my first consultation appointment (with Dr. T) is coming up on October 10th. I can't wait!

I've also booked my HSG for next Wednesday (thanks for the tips Mrs. Mel Z), did all my blood tests this morning, and booked D's sperm analysis.

It's all coming together and I am feeling very hopeful.