Sunday, August 12, 2007

Possibly Maybe

I'm starting to feel oh so much better. I spoke to L on the phone yesterday, and we had a lovely chat. It wasn't weird at all. We were going to meet for a cup of tea yesterday but she wasn't feeling well so we might do today. It was nice to hear her voice and catch up. Is it possible that I created all the tension between us in my head? Very possible, I'd say. Ah well, onwards and upwards. In any case, I'm going to try to cultivate more friendships so I'm not so reliant on L. But no complaints, I'm glad to have her back in my life.

Things with D seem to be improving as well. I think I'm a bit easier to live with over the past couple of days. We haven't really talked about anything significant lately, but maybe that's not a bad thing; I don't mind the break.

I must say having my period show up has made a huge difference in my mood. I actually feel hopeful and excited about trying for a baby again. I mean, it's possible that we could be pregnant again in just 4 weeks from now! Some say you are more fertile after a miscarriage, but I've also heard that's a myth so who knows. I'm very encouraged that my period came without the use of Provera. That must mean that something is going right, hormonally speaking, with me.

In the meantime, I'm just going to keep myself as healthy as possible to up my chances. No more drinking (despite my adventures last week) no more sugar or caffeine, and today, I will begin my exercise routine again, which has been sorely lacking over the past few weeks.

Yesterday was a pleasant day, I had breakfast with my brother and his new girlfriend, and then went for coffee with a friend from an old job. It was nice. Today I have a few chores to do, and I'll see where the rest of the day takes me. Next week is going to be a very busy week at work, so I also need to make sure to get some relaxation time in.