Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'll Will

I had a lovely breakfast with L today. It was so nice to catch up. We had an excellent talk about absolutely everything. I even confessed to her that I felt really angry with her at times, because I was so jealous and resentful that she was experiencing a successful pregnancy and I wasn't. Suprisingly, she totally understood. I feel fantastic about seeing her this morning and I'm so glad to have L back in my life again. I'm thrilled and relieved that our friendship will indeed weather this storm after all.

As per my last post, I am absolutely determined to get pregnant on the next cycle. Let's see if sheer will, combined with Clomid, timing, full moon, Pre-seed and an OPK can make it happen. We got pregnant on the first round of Clomid [that made me ovulate] the last time around, so I'm determined to do it this time too! It's going to happen!

Speaking of Clomid, no moodiness yet, but I was very emotional during my breakfast with L this morning. I think tears are really close to the surface these days anyway.

We can start actually "trying" on Wednesday.

Baby making here we come!