Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yup, It's 4am Again

I've been up since 3:00 and I can't sleep. I'm sitting here at my computer drinking milk and eating toast. Not a bad way to spend the wee hours of the morning.

I had my regular doctor's appointment yesterday. I saw a locum instead of my usual doctor. I really liked her. She is very calm and zen and that works well for a high-strung personality such as mine. I am happy and relieved to report that everything was fine, great, normal. There is nothing so excellent as a boring doctor's appointment. Here are the highlights:

-My uterus (fundal height) is measuring FOUR WEEKS AHEAD now. You may recall that at my last appointment I was three weeks ahead. I asked the doctor is this was something to be concerned about and she said, "nah, it's not an exact measurement." Whatever that means. But I think we can all agree that baby girl is gonna be a big 'un.

-Maya is much bigger than I thought. The doctor confirmed that she is indeed head-down now. Apparently her head is in my pelvis (although not "engaged" yet, thank goodness) and her bum is all the way up under my ribcage. I was surprised by the fact that she is now taking up my entire belly. I don't know what I thought she was doing before, but I guess it's just amazing to imagine that at 30 weeks, she is already "baby sized". This sounds weird, but I think back to when I was newly pregnant and baby was smaller than a grain of rice... and now she is the size that she is... it seems fantastic and surreal. Keep growing baby girl!

-The doctor had to push and prod my belly to figure out baby girl's positioning. She poked at us pretty hard and I must admit it was a tad uncomfortable having someone with their hand pushed right into my baby belly. Maya must have thought so too because she gave the doctor a karate chop right in the hand. The doctor and I both had a laugh. This was indeed the highlight of the appointment.

I will now have my doctor's appointments every two weeks, instead of monthly. Then, at 36 weeks, I will start going weekly.

Maybe it's because I'm off work now, but time sure seems to be speeding up lately. Here's hoping it keeps going like that until Maya arrives. I am so excited!!