Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Ass Crack Of Dawn

I am getting all too familiar with the AM hours. I can almost pinpoint exactly when that first city bird will start squawking and when the lighting in my bedroom begins to turn from pitch black to charcoal grey. Early morning has become a dear friend to me. I seem to jolt awake just before 4am. I'll lie in bed for about an hour and just enjoy feeling Maya's early morning Jazzercise class. Then, when my hunger gets the better of me, I'll meander downstairs and have breakfast, check my email, and read my blogs. A happy little routine this has become. Of course, my contentment with this new early morning agenda is solely based on the fact that I have the freedom to nap any old time I want, thanks to being off work now. Thank goodness for that, otherwise I'd be a crabby, sleep-deprived wreck.

At some point around 7am-ish, D will wander downstairs and I will make him some breakfast. He'll then shower and get dressed and head off to work. I'll probably go back to bed for a couple of hours before getting up (again) and starting my day. This is how my mornings have been going. Everyone says this is good training for when Maya arrives and I'll need to wake up throughout the night, and I suppose they're right. Based on her activity levels in the womb, I think I may just have a little night owl on my hands!