Sunday, May 25, 2008

28 Weeks Today

28 weeks = 7 months!

I am now quite obviously, noticeably pregnant. Strangers are asking me when I'm due. I went to a family gathering today and all my relatives were rubbing my belly, asking about the baby and my pregnancy, and telling me stories of their own children's births. I must admit, there is definitely a part of me that is enjoying this new attention. I've wanted this pregnancy and this baby for so very long and it feels absolutely amazing to finally be here...expecting.

Everyone is so excited for baby girl to be born. Parents, family, friends...and of course, D and me (more than anyone). Maya will be the first grandchild on both sides - in both my family and D's. This little girl is going to be born into so much love and I am so happy for that.

Maya officially has a bigger wardrobe than I do. Between all my mum's baby shopping sprees and all the hand-me-downs people are so kindly giving us, this little girl won't be running out of things to wear anytime soon. I'm going to have to dress her in 10 different outfits a day, just to give her a chance to wear all her clothes before she's too big to fit into them!

It's Sunday night and I'm gearing up for my last week of work before I go on maternity leave. This should be a good week because I have lots to keep me busy and a ton of loose ends to tie up before I go. As excited as I am to go on maternity leave for a whole year (G-d bless Canada), it really hasn't hit me yet that I'm not going to have to go to work every morning. I've never had more than a few weeks off work at any given time since I was 16. It's very, very surreal. Gosh.