Sunday, March 9, 2008

17 Weeks Today

17 weeks pregnant today (yay!) ... Not too much to report at the moment, I'm enjoying a lazy Sunday.

My mum came over yesterday to help clean (read: totally take over the cleaning of) our second bedroom which is destined to become the baby's room. She did a great job, and after a couple of hours and a trip to the Salvation Army, I can finally say that room is nearly ready to start furnishing with baby stuff. Thank you, MUM!

As for Friday's "incident", thank you all for your input. I am hoping that I'll get really lucky and everything blows right over with nary a minute of sh*t fallout to rain down upon me and my worry-weary soul. We shall see. I'll definitely keep you all posted over the next week or so.

I feel out of it. The time change has really screwed with my brain!