Saturday, December 22, 2007

Please Deliver To: Scrappy

Dear Scrappy,

I hope you've enjoyed your stay in my uterus so far. I've certainly loved every second of having you with me.

You've gone relatively easy on me so far, and while I appreciate how polite you've been, I wanted to let you know that you may certainly feel free to do your worst; I am quite prepared to happily contend with any and all pregnancy symptoms you feel like dishing out.

Your first ultrasound is coming up in only 11 short days, and that's when we hope to see your sweet little heart beating strong for the first time. Your daddy and I are very excited.

In the meantime, if there is anything more I can do to nourish and protect you, and make your stay more comfortable, I hope you'll let me know. You, little Scrappy, are the most important thing in the whole universe to your daddy and me, and we will do anything, anything at all, to keep you around and growing strong. We love you more than anything else. So please stick around for at least another 239 days or so, and grow grow GROW. I promise I will make you so glad you did.

With all my heart,
Your Mummy xoxo