Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Rainbow Of Fruit Flavours - Stim Day 3

Yesterday and today have gone fairly smoothly. No major incidents to report, thank goodness. Tomorrow morning at 8:00am I will go in for my first stimulated blood test. I'm a bit nervous, as thoughts of non-responsive ovaries, giant ovarian cysts and other disturbing fears like that have been flashing in my head.

My stomach is getting increasingly more colourful with every injection. It seems that almost exactly 7 hours after each injection, a nice red welt forms and by the next day, the red welt turns into a blue-ish/yellow-ish bruise. Lovely colours! I am going to take a picture to post so you can all see what I"m talking about. I have to find my digital camera first, but hopefully I can do this tomorrow.

I haven't really noticed any other medication-related points of interest. I thought that I noticed some ovarian achiness in my left ovary yesterday (and of course I worried - why isn't my right ovary responding??), but in hindsight, now I think it was just gas.

So far so good!