Friday, August 31, 2007


It's Friday on the eve of a long weekend. Thank the lord for Labour day.

I'm still pretty much obsessed and crazy. Even though I've restricted my internet useage (okay, yeah, I've cheated a few times so sue me), I'm still thinking, planning and plotting about getting pregnant and being pregnant pretty much every second of the day. In fact, for a good portion of the day today, I actually managed to convince myself that I am indeed pregnant right now. I took positive thinking one step further! It's kind of funny actually; intellectually I know how crazy and obsessive I'm being, but it doesn't stop me from being crazy and obsessive!

Yesterday I felt a few very minor cramps and shifting around my lower abdomen but today, nothing. Of course it's only 2 DPO and it's silly to think I'd be feeling anything yet. The fact that I'm even analyzing what I'm feeling at this point is so beyond stupid because I know there's no way I'd have any symptoms prior to implantation. Oh well, I think on some level it's fun to imagine this stuff. It's hope in the extreme. And if I hope and believe enough, perhaps it will happen.

Work today was so long and dull. Minutes crept along and felt like months, each one. At quarter to five, my boss announced that we would be having a short (yeah right) staff meeting. Much to my suprise though, it didn't take that long and I was on my merry way headed for home before I knew it. And now I've got three glorious days off work! Sweet mercy! Here's hoping that time continues to go slowly for the next three days!