Friday, August 24, 2007

OPK vs. Test Strip Showdown

OK so yesterday I tested again with both brands of OPKs. This time I used the same sample of urine and watched intently to see what happened.

The Results:

The First Response Ovulation Test showed a confusing result. Half of the test line was every bit as dark as the control line. However, the line seemed as though it was cut down the middle and the other half was only almost as dark as the test line. Note that the line was dissected lengthwise (as if cutting a hair), not widthwise (as if splitting a hair). I considered it a positive.

The LH Ovulation Test Strip was again, a negative result. Noteably, however, this time the test line seemed much darker than the previous day's result, but not darker than the control line.

I'm pretty sure that when I re-test this afternoon, I will get a definite positive on both tests. (Here's hoping!)

Either way, D and I are proceeding on schedule, under the assumption that I will indeed ovulate within the next 2-3 days or so.

Another note: My temperature shot up two tenth-of-a-degrees higher than it has been all cycle this morning. I don't think this is an ovulation rise but I'm kinda confused about it. Of course, it has been warm outside lately, and I did wake up sweating last night, and had to throw all my covers off. I wonder if the weather can have an affect on your BBT? Anyone know?

I've got another busy weekend in front of me. Going to a movie (Superbad) tonight with friends, dinner with my parents tomorrow, morning coffee with another friend and my second acupuncture appointment on Sunday...

...and of course, as much sex as possible!