Monday, August 27, 2007

Nope, Not Yet

Well, that two-tenths-of-a-degree jump wasn't ovulation after all. When I woke up yesterday morning, my temp took a dive seven-tenths-of-a-degree, almost as low as it has been all cycle. And this morning, my temp was one-tenth even lower than yesterday! I'm thinking maybe this is the "dip before the rise" I've heard so much about.

Ah drat. I've only got two more Pre-seeds left and I wanted to do it at least three more times this cycle. Unfortunately, none of the stores near my house have it. I thought would have enough for this cycle, but we ended up using two instead of one a few times. Oh well, at least I'm only one short. Could be worse.

I had my second acupuncture appointment yesterday. This time I saw Dr. T (not as hot as Dr. S, but very nice indeed). This appointment was much more enjoyable than the first one; the needles didn't elicit such a dramatic response and the time seemed to pass really quickly. Also, while I was lying there, instead of music, they played some really soothing affirmations. Some of them struck such an emotional chord that I even started to cry a little.

After the appointment, I had lunch with my parents and then went to Whole Foods with L. We had a great afternoon of shopping, I absolutley love Whole Foods. I only experienced a little bit of sadness when I discovered that L is very slightly starting to show. It made me sad because that's where I would have been right now; just starting to get a baby belly.

Oh well, I keep announcing to D that "we ARE getting pregnant THIS CYCLE" (ha ha as if I have some modicum control over it!). At least we are having quite a bit of well-timed sex, which can't hurt the odds. That, coupled with the Clomid, Metformin, acupuncture, red raspberry leaf tea, supplements, full moon, and everything else, I'd like to think we have as good of a shot as ever!

Anyone have any ideas for how to maximize our chances further?