Sunday, July 20, 2008

36 Weeks Today

Holy guacamole I'm 36 weeks pregnant! That's NINE months!! I must admit there were many times during this pregnancy where I questioned whether or not we'd actually get this far. But we're here now, and WOW, baby girl will be here so soon!

Physically, I feel fine. Just huge and uncomfortable. And tired and slow. I get those "electric shocks" in my vag every so often, but I suspect that is normal for this stage of pregnancy. And last night, after a few weeks of not having any real Braxton Hicks contractions, I got hit with loads of them - maybe 20 just last night. I kept looking at D as if to say, "is this it?" but alas, they never did get regular so I just chalked them up to practice. Normally, having all those BH contractions would have worried me but I was actually excited to have them. It means that my body is gearing up! And although I'd definitely like my daughter to stay put for at least another week, I know that if she were born 10 minutes from now, she'd likely be just fine. Besides, I'm fairly certain she hasn't dropped yet so I think we've still got a fair bit of time.

Emotionally, I have been a bit of a wreck. Nothing too extreme, but I have been having some really crazy hormonally induced mood swings. I go from being super happy to sobbing in less than 5 minutes these days. I started to cry on the way home from the market yesterday for no apparent reason. They were happy tears, I was trying to explain to D. But D, well, he was just flat out confused. And oh my poor husband - I am all over the map with him. I go from being adoring, loving and affectionate to being totally disgusted and annoyed with him and then all the way back around again. This happens maybe 50 times during the day. He is being so patient and understanding with me. I think on some level, he expected this. I keep telling him if he thinks this is bad, just wait until my milk comes in. I've heard that the surge of hormonal craziness peaks when your milk comes in. Should be interesting.

We are almost totally ready for baby girl. Our hospital bags are packed and her room and closet are set up (minus the crib and changing table that are on back order - no worries though, she'll sleep in a bassinet in our room for the first few months anyway). I do have to do one more big shop at BRU for some little things - which I will do in about 2 weeks - but other than that, we're ready to go! I went from being too superstitious to buy any baby things to being totally obsessed with having everything bought and ready for Maya's arrival. I think this about face happened somewhere around 32 weeks.

D and I are so beyond excited to meet our daughter. She's all we think and talk about. She is squirming around as I type this. I love you so much little one!