Sunday, June 22, 2008

32 Weeks Today

32 weeks = 8 months! EIGHT MONTHS!!!

This is a very special milestone. A few appointments back, my doctor mentioned that if a baby is born at 32 weeks, the long-term health outcomes are the same as if the baby was born full term. They would have to be in the NICU for a few weeks but a 32-week preemie has the same rate of survival (and long-term good health) as a 40-week baby.

Do I dare breathe a teeny tiny sigh of relief?

Maya has been sleeping a bit more, I have noticed. I still feel her often, but she's a tad lazier than she was in previous weeks. I think it is a combination of her running out of room to move and the fact that she's starting to sleep more to get ready for birth. I read somewhere babies do that near the end. She still goes nutso in the afternoons and in the evenings after dinner, which I look forward to every day.

I am bigger than ever now. My belly seems to stick out a mile and I am truly starting to resemble a beached whale. I go back and forth between feeling beautifully pregnant and horrendously huge. Of course I LOVE my big pregnant belly and it really is the greatest fashion accessory; I can get away with wearing almost any ridiculous or ragged outfit I want because the belly gets all the attention anyway. But I certainly don't feel as sexy or alluring as I used to think I was.

All in all, I feel really good aside from a few very minor discomforts: Heartburn, hip pain, breathlessness, and basically just being slightly uncomfortable. But I certainly can't complain. I am loving every minute of this.

Here are the latest pics of Maya and me: