Friday, November 30, 2007


Well, it's in there! I'm thrilled to report that there is a perfect little embryo inside me as I type this. Hopefully right about now it's taking a good look around and deciding it seems like my uterus is a pretty nice place to hang it's hat for the next 9 months...

What a fantastic experience the transfer was. We transferred one 3AA blastocyst this morning - apparently this is the very best you can possibly have. The embryologist ID'ed us by saying that our embryo was "gorgeous" - her exact words. That felt so good to hear.

The actual transfer was relatively quick and easy. It was cool to see the embryo go shooting out of the catheter like a little cannon ball on the ultrasound. And now it's in there. In me. So cool. I almost feel like crying. I'm so happy.

I asked my doctor what our chances of success are with this specific embryo and our case history, etc., and she replied "64%". I'll take those odds.

I want my embryo to be as happy and as comfortable as possible, I do love it so.

Now, I rest.


sarah23 said...

That's so so so exciting! Go little embryo; find yourself a nice warm little burrowing spot.

64% sounds really good. 3AA sounds really good too, although I don't know anything about embryo grading.

I forgot to ask you... did you guys do IVF with ICSI, or regular IVF? Whatever it was, it sounds like it worked great!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

So glad to hear that things went well today! I'll be thinking of you and sending you positive sticky vibes in hopes that your embies decides to stay a while.

I have a good feeling about this! HUGS!

Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

regular ivf - no icsi

christina(apronstrings) said...

i have a good feeling too. : )

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Can I ask a stupid man question...?
where did the doc get sixty four percent from? seems very precise a number lol.

anyway, congratulations, you've done so well so far when others would have struggled to keep positive.

I'm delighted for you.

Ally said...

Oh, Hilary, this is such wonderful, wonderful news. :) I'm sending sticky embryo thoughts to you!

Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

Xbox - I wondered the same thing. I laughed when she said that and replied, "64 percent point what?".

I guess docs like that are all about clinic statistics.

Barb said...

Aw So many well wishes for you sweetie!

Melissa said...