Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Getting Closer

Yesterday after work, I rushed home, thirsty and bladder full, to use my very last Ovulation Test Strip. It came up a definite positive. No question. The test line and the control line looked identical.

OK, so that means I will ovulate sometime between this morning at 6am and tomorrow at 6pm, right? We had sex last night, first thing this morning, and we'll do it again before bed tonight. But that's it. I promised D that after tonight, he could have a break. I've tapped him out, I'm afraid; we will have done it 10 times in 8 days!! That's a record for us!

I am a little concerned that I didn't wake up this morning with an elevated temp. In fact, my temp was lower than it has ever been this morning at 96.9. I know I'm being totally impatient, but I'm on CD 19 now I'd like to get on with it. I'll be happy if I wake up tomorrow with anything above 98.0.

Notably, I think I had some ovulatory spotting yesterday. I noticed a very slight brownish-tinge when I wiped a couple of times.

Alright, alright, again I need to remind myself to chill out. We're doing everything we can do and I might as well just try to relax. They'll be plenty of time to get all stressed out again once I'm in the 2WW!